Royal jelly skin care, benefits, products, side effects

Royal jelly Skin Care? With so many skin care products on the market impregnated with chemicals, some people have chosen to stick to the old natural beauty like using royal jelly to care for the skin. Royal jelly has numerous health and skin benefits. It has anti-aging effects, healing, moisturizing and providing the skin with beneficial nutrients. These properties have made many big wigs in the production of skin care products including it in their composition. So what is royal jelly? What are the benefits of using royal jelly on skin? How can you use royal jelly to make your skin better? Let's find out.

Royal jelly Skin Care, is it good?
What is Royal Jelly? Royal jelly is a white color that makes the downsides of worker bees. It is used in the diet of larvae and queen bees (source: Wikipedia). This specialized nutrition increases the size of queen bees, improves fertility and increases longevity. That is why royal jelly is internally consumed by humans and also used externally to nourish and improve the appearance of the skin.

Benefits of Royal jelly with skin
While royal jelly has many benefits to the general health of the body, today I decided to concentrate on the skin; This is an overview of the benefits of royal jelly on the skin

- It is rich in nutrients: B complex vitamins, amino acids and enzymes
- There are natural antibacterial and antibiotic properties
- It is an anti-inflammatory
- Has benign skin and wounds
- Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle
- Sunscreen
- Antioxidants
- Improve immunity

Royal jelly anti-aging
Tissue regeneration and repair and essential for health, stretching, beautiful young skin. With age, the ability of the skin to regenerate cells becomes a little inefficient as it does not produce collagen. This makes the skin appear loose, thin and sagging that most people are unattractive.

To maintain skin elasticity, all you need to do is promote collagen production. Research done on royal jelly and skin shows that it contains nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that support skin renewal and promote collagen production.

This hotel is what has led to the widespread use of royal jelly in most anti wrinkle creams and anti aging eye creams.


Royal jelly Sunscreen.

The unique medicinal properties of royal jelly has aroused interest in various parts of the world and several studies have been conducted to determine the effect of royal jelly on human skin. One of the major concerns is how RJ protects against damaging UVB rays. While the results have not been reported yet, some studies have been conducted showing that royal jelly protects against ultraviolet B from aging collagen fibers by enhancing collagen production.

Royal jelly contains protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats and minerals. Its major unsaturated fatty acids are 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10-HDA) which also possesses anti-cancer and antibacterial activity capable of stimulating collagen production. According to a study conducted by the departments of Kyung Hee School of Medicine, Seoul National University, royal jelly contains about 0.211% 10-HDA. Skin treated with RJ was found to have increased procollagen type 1 and TGF-beta 1 products.

Royal jelly heals wounds

Royal jelly is immune-boosting, antibacterial and helps heal wounds faster. It has an immune boosting protein called royalisin. Royalisin together with a complex of other proteins called royal jelly protein is what gives bees the ability to fight off bacteria, allergies and other natural diseases.

While some research has been done on royal jelly to help heal wound healing, scientific evidence is still limited but encouraging. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health on the efficacy of RJ applied to diabetic foot ulcers concluded that, unlike conventional treatments, dressed royal jersey could be an effective method. Fruit to treat diabetic foot ulcers.

How to use royal jelly for skin

Honey and its supporters have been used for skin care for many years. Royal jelly is especially a part of Egyptian women's beautiful skin care regimen. They used it as a facial moisturizer and sunscreen to protect them from the harsh conditions of the desert. According to, royal jelly can be effectively used as a dry skin emollient, skin toning lotion and moisturizer for stress-stressed skin. Most skin care products use RJ as part of their ingredients for these reasons.

Royal jelly Skin Care Products

A famous failure with the use of royal jelly for the skin is the fact that it is rapidly deteriorating. We suggest you use it with honey or frozen freeze to extend its shelf life. When used in cosmetics it has been in a preserved form and most of the time it can be a bit difficult to tell what format is used in your products. While fresh RJ may have been used in your products, it is likely that it will be effective that will be reduced by the time you even get used to your product. It is for this reason that you should only buy products from reputable royal jelly produced.


Fresh royal jelly frozen.

While fresh royal jelly is the best and the strongest form, it is very bitter and has a strong flavor. It is actually one of the characteristics of royal jelly. Actually, if you do not have the taste as bad, then it is not real. To hide this unpleasant taste, mixed with jam, honey or a glass of smoothie.

Take half a teaspoon twice a day with food. Fresh fresh royal jelly must always be kept frozen for long term use.


Royal Jelly capsules and tablets for skin

Royal jelly is most commonly available in a convenient form of capsules. Fresh jelly or powder has a very strong taste and bitter taste. The royal jelly capsule for the skin is just dry powder packed in a tasty or tasteless shell that makes it easier to take them. The recommended daily dose is one 1000 mg capsule. Be sure to swallow the whole capsule with plenty of water. Otherwise it will decay and the effect will decrease significantly while still in the mouth or throat.

Sữa ong chúa cho mụn

Có rất nhiều phương pháp điều trị da tự nhiên hiện có và khác hơn so với việc thoát khỏi mụn trứng cá và mụn sẹo, họ đưa ra có lợi cho da thêm. Sữa ong chúa là một trong những sản phẩm như vậy. Nó có một phức hợp các vitamin, khoáng chất, protein và các axit amin thiết yếu trong việc thoát khỏi mụn trứng cá. Nó cũng làm việc một kháng sinh, cân bằng nội tiết tố và làm giảm cholesterol mà là một số trong những nguyên nhân chính của mụn da.

Trong khi bạn có thể mất sữa ong chúa trong hình thức bổ sung để có được thoát khỏi mụn trứng cá, cách tốt nhất để sử dụng nó cho các làn da sẽ được áp dụng nó tươi trên làn da của bạn. Nó phải được lưu ý tuy nhiên, rằng những hành động tích cực của sữa ong chúa đối với việc điều trị mụn trứng cá xảy ra cho dù nó được sử dụng trong nội bộ hoặc bên ngoài.

Theo, da hơi chua PH là những gì được biết đến để bảo vệ nó khỏi cuộc xâm lược của các vi khuẩn và bụi làm tắc nghẽn lỗ chân lông da và làm cho da để thoát ra khỏi. Sữa ong chúa cũng có tính axit trong nature- nó thực sự đã tự nhiên tốt nhất xảy ra axit hydroxyl trong đó phần lớn được sử dụng trong các loại kem da. Cho dù bôi tại chỗ hoặc lấy nội bộ, sữa ong chúa có thể phục vụ để cải thiện sức khỏe của da nói chung bằng cách giảm mụn trứng cá, mụn đầu đen, vết sẹo và làm cho da xuất hiện mượt mà và tươi sáng hơn.

The side effect of using royal jelly on the skin

Royal jelly is considered to be safe when applied to the skin appropriately. But it is also known to cause inflammation and allergic rash. When used as a topical application, individuals who are sensitive to ingredients of royal jelly may notice mild to moderate skin irritation with symptoms such as rash, rash and dermatitis. contact.


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